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Our History

Our previous community centre existed from 1976-1987 until it was destroyed by a fire. Wanting to continue providing the community of Wentworth and surrounding areas with a place for social gatherings and events, determined and committed

volunteers, and board members banded together in order to rebuild a bigger, better recreation center for not just the community of Wentworth, but Cumberland County as a whole. The current Wentworth Recreation Centre opened on September 21, 1991 and has played an important role in our community ever since. 

Below is a list of our former volunteers and executive members since 1987. Without the support, selflessness and determination of these individuals, our centre would not be where is it at today. 

"Community is the foundation to success"- Kristen Jones

Volunteer Group




Yvonne Henderson

Darlene Patriquin

Danny Steves

Faye Henderson

Edison Lynds

Robert Caldwell

Kathy Redmond

Phillip Tingley

Sharon Teed

Dorothy Weatherbee

Doug Curry

Debby Murray

Allison Betts

Ewart Mclellan

Vernon Sprague

Charles Weatherbee

Kevin Sprague

Andrew Keilty

Former Volunteers
"The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers"- Terri Guillemets 

Kathy Little 

Peggy Armour 

Everett Murray

Greg Patriquin

George Steeves 

Bertha Hanley

Wade Colbourne

Debby Palmer

Norman Smith

Diane Feeley

Alma Palmer

Brenda Dormandy

Daisy Elliot

Sylvia Mcnutt

Georgie Patriquin

Jess Thompson

Ian Huestis

Todd Seymour

Claire Patriquin 

Vicki Rogers

Pearl Mcnutt

Eleanor Sprague

Florence Harnish

Ethel Gilroy

Kim Shand

Wendy Giddens

Austin Patriquin

Hope Bridgewater

Twila McMasters

Doug Gilroy

Gwen Little

Greg Bridgewater

Orland Carter

Bob Smith

Robert Schell

WeeWana Sprague

Reg Jay

Mary-Ann Jay

Brenda Mclean

Rick Parker

Donna Parker

Shelley Palmer

Jan Smith

Danny Palmer

Jordan Sprague

Alan Huestis

Mike Law

Debi deHann Atkinson

David Bagnell

Mary Forsythe

Dawn Levy

Geraldine Mcgill

Amanda Patriquin

Cecil Mcleod

Women Volunteers

Former  Executive Members

Former Presidents/

Chair Persons:

Bill Baker

Bernard Gower

Kenny Little

Dale Patriquin

Betty Curry 

Sonya Seymour


Former Treasurers:

Robert Madore

Marion Gower

Arden Little

Betty Duizer

Sonya Seymour

Bob MacLean


Former Vice Presidents:

Bernard Gower

Ross Henderson

Dale Patriquin

Winston Patriquin

Joe Patriquin

Stacie Macleod

Former Secretaries:

Jean Wood

Heather Gower-Fisher

Marion Gower

Peggy Patriquin

Marie Duranceau

Bob Hyslop


Current Executive and Board Members:

Chair: Bob Mclean

Vice-Chair: Laurel Adams

Secretary: Norah Topping

Treasurer: Garry Jollymore


Joanne Ferdinand,

Stephen Ferdinand,

Sandra Mayne,

Sandra van der Made,

Helen Feeley,

Debby Alexander,

Anne Feeley Legere,

Donna Harris,

Clarence Kennedy,

Marilyn Mclean

Donna Weatherby

Kevin Palmer

Chris Topping

David Fitzpatrick

William Adams

Jocelyn Morris

Ben Legere 

Sylvia Matthews

Janette Murray


French Books

Blast from the past

Below you'll find newspaper stories and articles, photos and more!

orginal rec center.jpeg
Opening of the original Wentworth Firemen's Recreation Hall in 1976.
Construction of the current Wentworth Recreation Center 
opening .jpeg
The Cobequid Fun Tones performing at the Grand Opening of the newly built center on September 21, 1991

News articles written by one of our own, the late Hope Bridgewater. These articles pay homage to some events that were held at the center, and most importantly, the volunteers that made these events happen.

"Wentworth News with Hope Bridgewater"

"Wentworth Recreation Center hosts musical afternoon"-

"Dinner for volunteers at Wentworth Recreation Center"-

"Country down east dance in Wentworth"- 

"Celebrating past and present with

Wentworth music afternoons"-

"Celebrating a pancake supper in Wentworth"- 

Blue Surface

"The Strange Valentines chose Community Strong as a series of short videos for an opportunity to showcase community centres in Nova Scotia. Each video affords a taste of local history and culture, followed by a song played in the centre by The Strange Valentines. This episode features the Wentworth Recreational Hall where Laurel, Winston, Peggy and Bob tell us some stories that relate to the history their community hall holds within its walls, followed by the song, So Long."- 

(Video description retrieved from The Strange Valentines Youtube channel)

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